Iran-Iraq Border Fell Due To A Major Earthquake

Photo courtesy of NY Daily News

The Iran-Iraq border suffered a huge earthquake killing over 400 people. The earthquake was directly on the border and included 7,000 other injuries. The earthquake hit Sunday November 12 in the Kermanshah province. The earthquake devastated more of Iran rather than Iraq and was a 7.3 on the magnitude scale and had a depth of 14 miles. It hit about 19 miles away from Halabjah, a city in Iraq. More damage spread to the Derbandikhan Dam, suffering surface damage that could endanger the people and area surrounding it. It has been ordered for the people living around the dam should evacuate. If the Dam would happen to break, tons of water will flood the people of the town and their homes. Iraq suffered 535 deaths while Iran took most of the quake. Towns and homes were destroyed in the aftermath of the quake. Most of the people that lived around the area relied on farming but ended up destroyed and ruined.

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