High Scoring Game in Oklahoma

Photo courtesy of theodysseyonline.com

Week 10 of the college football season for the Oklahoma Sooners was a high scoring game. Oklahoma played one of their biggest rivals, the Oklahoma State Cowboys. The game was a high scoring one, both offenses were very strong. Oklahoma State scored four touchdowns in the second quarter and Oklahoma scored three. In the third quarter, Oklahoma’s defense came out to play. Oklahoma State did not score at all which was the final deciding factor for the Cowboys. The score ended up being 62-52 with the Oklahoma Sooners grabbing the win. Oklahoma delivered the Cowboys their second loss of the season. The Sooners are first in the Big 12 and look to stay on top as they play TCU next week. Oklahoma State is currently third in the Big 12 and is looking to be on top as they face Iowa State at Iowa State. Both teams are hoping to make it into the college playoffs.

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