Car Of The Week: Kobe Burchett

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This week’s car of the week goes to senior Kobe Burchett. Kobe drives a beautiful 2004 navy blue Chrysler Sebring. He first saw the car from his dad’s boss and immediately fell in love with it. Kobe bought the car for $200 and knew he got away with a steal. One of the first things Kobe wanted to do was save up to buy some speakers. After a couple of months, he finally had enough money and hooked himself up with a couple of speakers. If you ever hear someone around the car with some loud speakers, there is a 90% chance that the person is Kobe. Another fun fact he said about his car is that there is a hole in the muffler and it makes his car sound like a racecar. Kobe said compared to other cars, he has one of the faster ones around but hopes to save up some money to upgrade his speakers and make things even louder!

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