Blast from the Past


This week’s blast from the past is Drew Best. It has been five years since Drew graduated back in 2012. Drew grew up going to Bath and attended The Ohio State University. During his time here at BHS, he played soccer and won the WBL his senior year with his team. One of his favorite activities during high school was hanging with his friends in the parking lot after school. His favorite teacher was Mrs. Kohls. He loved the Italian dippers for lunch and chocolate malts that used to served in the old snack bar. His high school sweetheart was Meghan Collins and he has been with her since high school. Drew’s favorite memory was when he won the WBL in soccer. When asked what he misses the most about BHS, he said it would be the time he spent hanging with his pals as he no longer sees them anymore. If he could change one thing about how he was in high school, he would have definitely tried harder.

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