Astounding Andrew


Andrew Burkholder was born on December 9th, 2002, and is a freshman here at Bath High School. His parents are Andy and Gloria Burkholder. He has 8 siblings, one of which is a junior here at BHS, Anabelle. Andrew represents our school well on the sports side, playing soccer and golf, while he also enjoys to play basketball. He enjoys playing all types of games with his friends Tanner, Charley, Jacob and Jeremy, and winning in most. Some of Andrew’s favorite hobbies are practicing magic tricks, playing puzzles games, and doing his famous back flips. Andrew’s favorite color is white, and his favorite subject is math, but his favorite teacher is the always interesting Mr. Baker. His favorite food isn’t anything fancy, but just regular chicken nuggets. You’ll find Andrew listening to his favorite artist, Bruno Mars, in his free time. If you see Andrew in school, make sure to say hi!