Who Am I?

Photo courtesy of Flaticon

I am a freshman girl here at BHS. I have a sister who is a senior and a brother who is in the sixth grade. My favorite sibling is my sister. I like to pick on my brother. I play Varsity Soccer and JV basketball. In soccer I play defense and for basketball I play the wing. My favorite sport is soccer. I have two cute little dogs. I am involved in Interact. In my free time, I love to watch Netflix. My favorite food is french fries. My favorite color is pink. I am 5’4 with brown hair. I have a nickname that is off the McDonald’s menu. This nickname was given to me by one of my sister’s friends. I am a decent rock skipper. I like to sing in the shower. My favorite college football team is Ohio State. I like watching the Cavs. Can you guess who I am?

About Luke Best

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