Possible cure for Alzheimer’s disease

Photo courtesy of Sharecare

As most of you know, Alzheimer’s is an awful disease that progressively deteriorates your mental ability to have memories, and stops you from functioning in certain actions. This disease is  effecting more than five million Americans. As of right now, there is no cure but according to New York Post, a neuroscientist, Joseph Jebelli, says that may change sometime in the next ten to twenty years. Apparently the idea to prevent this disease is to give a pill to someone before they ever start experiencing the systems of this disease. There will be certain ways to tell if a person needs early treatment by using bio-markers. Hopefully this pill will not only help give a patient more time to live but for them to live a more normal life. By just delaying the disease now causes less people in the future to be diagnosed with this disease. Alzheimer’s was first documented all the way back in 1906 so maybe this new pill will be the miracle many people are wishing for.

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