Photo courtesy of PopHorror

Since October is a spooky month, I decided to give you information on a horror movie I saw previously this month. I recently had the chance to go watch the movie “It” staring the bloodthirsty clown, also known as Pennywise. The movie sets in a little town called Derry, Maine. This is where seven young kids, also known as “The Losers”, experience their worst nightmares. Pennywise is an evil child eating clown that emerges from the sewers every twenty-seven years. The Losers come together over the summer to overcome their own individual fears to battle the murderous clown. The first movie “It” came out twenty-seven years ago, this was also the last time Pennywise was seen in the sewers. I personally am not a big fan of scary movies, so I had my eyes closed most of the time. I am not quite sure what else happened in the movie, due to my eyes being closed, but I do believe “It” was a great movie that everyone should get to see during this spooky month!

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