Dodgers vs. Astros Game 1

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The World Series started last night as the Dodgers and Astros faced off in the first game of a best out of seven series. Both powerhouse teams started their aces. Clayton Kershaw and Dallas Keuchal, two of the most dominant left-handed pitchers in the league squared off in this anticipated beginning to the series. The Dodgers struck first and Chris Taylor hit the first pitch Keuchal threw and crushed it into the crowd in left field. The Astros responded with a solo shot of their own from Alex Bregman. Besides this however, the Astro hitters could not keep up with Kershaw and his unhittable pitches. Kershaw pitched for 7 innings and only gave up 3 hits. Keuchal also had a good game, but made a couple of mistakes. One of which was a 2-run bomb hit by Dodger’s 3rd baseman Justin Turner. This was the killing blow and put the Dodgers up for good. The bullpen shut down the Astros for the last two innings as the Dodgers moved one game closer to a World Series ring.