Courageous Carson


Carson Wireman is a junior here at good ole BHS. He was born on September 12, 2000 and has went to Bath Local Schools all of his life. His parents are Nicole and Ron Wireman, he also has two siblings named Jenna and Dylan Wireman who both either go to Bath or have graduated. Dylan graduated from Bath in 2009, and Jenna is currently a freshman here. Carson is a part of many different sports teams, he enjoys bowling, playing soccer, and running track all for our school. In his free time he likes to play videogames, watch YouTube, and relax with his friends Robert Mooney, Hunter Reed, and Vincent Abrams. Carson’s all-time favorite class is History with his favorite teacher, the always interesting Mr. McKinney.  Some of his hobbies he enjoys are reading and practicing for one of his favorite subjects, Band. If you happen to catch Carson in the halls, make sure you stop and say hi!