Catching Up with Coach Grime

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For ten years now Coach Grime has been coaching here at BHS. This year for Cross Country they have nineteen high school athletes and sixteen middle school athletes. Out of those nineteen there are three senior boys: Luke Daley, Caden Schmidt, and Jackson Chiem, and two senior girls: Charis Barnes and Quinlynn Conley. The team has placed in many meets this year with a total of twelve trophies. Coach Grime’s favorite part about coaching is seeing the improvement of the athletes over the season and over the years. The team started off with a few goals this season. Those goals were to win county, to have the team or someone to go to regionals, and to do the best they can in the league. They did great this year but with one problem; injuries. In Cross Country they run a 5k, which is 3.1 miles. The best time is 17:15 by Vincent Abrams and 20:58 by Charis. Coach Grime said that anyone can run Cross Country and can be good if they put the time and work in.

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