Who’s Who At BHS: Brennan Coleman


Brennan Coleman is a freshman here at BHS. Brennan is in a family of five. He has a mother and father named Nicole and PJ. He has two brothers who are Brady and Bronson. Brennan is fourteen now and was born on September 20th, 2003. His birthday is right around the corner so make sure to wish him a happy birthday. Brennan has a dog named Blue. Not only is Brennan’s dog name Blue but that’s also his favorite color! Other than playing with his dog he plays football and baseball. Brennan Enjoys to watch TV, specifically the Flash. When watching TV he enjoys to indulge on some pizza. Also he’ll probably be hanging out with Lex, Kaleb, Jordan, and Trey. His favorite teacher is Mr. Baker. Although Mr. Baker is his favorite teacher, his favorite subject is science. If you see this ferocious freshman stop, say hello, and shake his hand!

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