Twitter To A Different View

Photo courtesy of 9to5Mac

As many know Twitter is one of the top social media networking applications in world history.  It all began in March of 2006, when its creators Jack Dorsey, Noah Glass, Biz Stone, and Evan Williams began to put their work into the site.  By the time of July in 2006 the site was available its new users to tweet away in the social world. As Twitter is going on its twelfth year in production, they announce that their tweet character of 140 words will double here in time.  The new tweet character limit will become 280 words and is released at the time to only certain users.  Twitter has announced that anybody can be selected at any point in time randomly to be apart of this trial.  The estimate time of this trial before release is a couple weeks, or even months, before the entire twitter world can experience the new Twitter character. The character limit follows the idea of SMS and text messaging characters, so be sure to check this out while they continue their trial and error of Twitter history.