Traffic Cone Tumor

Photo courtesy of Newsweek

In Funnier News, a British man and doctors discovered that what they thought was a tumor, is a Play Mobil traffic cone. The now 47-year-old, swallowed the traffic cone when he was 7 years old. The toy was found by Respiratory clinic physicians in Preston, deep inside one of the man’s lungs. The 47-year-old came in to the doctors telling them that he had a cough for over a year and could not get rid of it. When x-rayed by the doctors, they immediately thought it was a cancerous tumor because of his heavy smoking problem. The doctors did a Bronchoscopy which is when a fiber optic scope is threaded down the throat to provide a look at the lungs. When this procedure was done on the 47-year-old the doctors were stunned to see the Play Mobil toy embedded in the lung tissue. After figuring out what was causing the prolonged cough, the doctors removed the cone with forceps. After the surgery, the patient told the doctors that when he was younger he would often swallow pieces of his Play Mobil toys. Needless to say that the doctors had the best time of figuring out what had caused this cough for so long.

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