Terror Strikes in London

Photo courtesy of The Inquisitr

A bomb went off on a train car that was traveling on London’s Underground line at 8:20 on Friday morning. The bomb detonated when the train car pulled into Parsons Green which is an above ground station in West London. 29 people were injured and no one was killed. This is yet another terrorist attack that has targeted public transportation due to the high concentration of people. Most of the injuries were sustained due to the giant rush of people trying to get away from the explosion rather then the explosion  itself. The bomb was hidden in a bucket that was covered by a plastic bag. Police have said that the bomb may have been detonated wrong due to the bucket still being intact after the detonation.  The bomb probably went off prematurely, which was the reason for the misfire. The damage created was still  significant and was enough to cause mass panic for all nearby. Two suspects are already in police custody for the bombing. One has been identified as Yahyah Farroukh who is a Syrian refugee and the second suspect is believed to be a young 18 year old orphan from Iraq. The investigation is still in progress to uncover this deadly plot.

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