MLB Award Races

Photo courtesy of Buffalo Rising

With the MLB season drawing to close, many pennant races have already concluded. These may have ended, but the discussion for who will win the end of the season awards continues. The Most Valuable Player Award has many contenders on both the American and National League sides. In the AL Jose Altuve from the Astros is in the lead with a league leading .348 batting average and has also been a hitting machine all year. Right behind him however is Aaron Judge the Yankee’s rookie superstar. He has had a monster year, and broke the rookie record for the most home runs hit in a season. Both are in good positions to win this award. On the National League side, it is a bit more unpredictable. Giancarlo Stanton from the Miami Marlins has the most home runs in the majors with 57 so far. He is followed by Nolan Arenado, whose great hitting and magician-like fielding has put him as one of the front runners of the MVP race. The two dark horse candidates are Joey Votto and Paul Goldschmidt. Votto has shown great patience at the plate which is shown by his league leading on-base percentage. Goldschmidt has just been a very good overall player both in contact and power hitting. The award is a toss up for any of these players. The Cy Young award has narrowed itself down to two very good candidates in the AL. Strikeout machine Chris Sale and Shut-out master Corey Kluber are battling it out for this prestigious award. Both have pitched lights out baseball so either way both are very deserving. The NL has three great pitchers that could take the prize this year. Clayton Kershaw who has had incredible numbers all season but has been plagued with injuries is one of the front runners. Former Cy Young winner Max Scherzer has also had an amazing season as he has helped lead the Nationals to another playoff season. But the third candidate is very different from the rest. Kenley Janson who is the closer for the Dodgers has had one of the best seasons a closer can have which has put him in the mix for winning this award. All races are close and it is never a sure thing who will win any of these highly coveted awards.

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