Hurricane Irma Continues Rampage

Photo courtesy of Washington Post

With the effects of Hurricane Harvey still on everyone’s mind. Another hurricane is now quickly approaching from the southeast Atlantic. Hurricane Irma is now considered to be the strongest Atlantic storm ever. It has been reported that there are winds that are reaching 180 mph. This storm has caused mass destruction in all islands it has hit. So far it has gone through Barbuda, St. Barthelemy, ┬áSt. Martin, Virgin Islands, and Puerto Rico. Barbuda has had 95% of all of it’s structures destroyed. Even sturdy buildings don’t stand a chance against a storm of this magnitude. The storm has left 70% of Puerto Rico without power and has even taken water supplies away from about 56,000 people. There are already thousands left homeless, and so far 10 people have died. This number is unfortunately expected to rise as the storm progresses. Hurricane Irma is expected to keep its Category 5 status as it progresses through the Bahamas, The Dominican Republic, Cuba, and eventually Florida. It is then predicted to be downgraded to a level 3 hurricane. Aid is being sent by France to help its colonies, and Britain has sent 12 million pounds to help start the rebuilding process after the damage is complete. The damage created by this storm is far from over, but the aid being sent will definitely help in the rebuilding efforts once this insane hurricane is over.