Detroit Lions Just An Inch Short

Photo courtesy of Detroit News

The Detroit Lions and the Atlanta Falcons had a very interesting game Sunday, with an even more interesting ending to cap it all off. The Falcons had control throughout most of the game and had a commanding 17-3 lead in the second quarter. Falcon’s quarterback Matt Ryan then threw 3 interceptions, which led to 10 more points for Detroit and putting them back in the game. Lion’s quarterback Matthew Stafford had a more consistent game in which he passed for 264 yards with a touchdown pass and no interceptions. In the fourth quarter Stafford then lead his team to within one score and looked poised to lead his team to a 3-0 record. He is the one you want under center when you need a fourth quarter comeback. He has the record for the most successful comebacks in the fourth quarter since he joined the NFL in 2009. This game however did not end that way. After a successful drive down the field, Stafford passed the ball to Golden Tate for what seemed like the game winning touchdown with eight seconds left. Referees reviewed the play and marked him down at the half yard line. The NFL’s rules state that after the review there must be a ten second runoff of the clock. This meant that the game was automatically over since the previous play ended with eight seconds left. This was a very odd way to end the game, and is sure to leave a very bitter taste in Lion’s players and fans mouths for weeks to come.

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