Choir Member Of The Week: Bri Good

Photo courtesy of Bri's personal Instagram

Brianna Good is a senior here at Bath High School and she was born on January 11, 2000 to her parents Brett and Angie Good.  Bri has gone to Bath since kindergarten, but she attended Apollo Career Center for her junior year.  Bri has been in choir since middle school, but she could not participate last year since she took her classes at Apollo.  In her free time, B. Good likes to paint, hang out with her friends, go to sporting events, and work on her lovely Audi tt.  Her best friends are Rhett Rabley, Emma Crowe, and Rielley Casey.  This year she is most looking forward to graduating and after that she plans on attending college and working even more than she already does.  Often times you can find Bri roaming the halls of Bath High School so if you ever see her be sure to ask her, “What’s up?”

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