Blast From The Past

Photo Courtesy of Lifetouch

Mrs. Ellington who is one of our English teachers here at the high school, once was a student here at Bath. She graduated in 1986 and some of her favorite memories when she was in high school here, was going to Friday night football games with her friends and then attending the informal dances that were held at the school afterwards. Mrs. Ellington was also involved in band and her junior year she went to Florida to perform with them, which was also one of her favorite memories. Mrs. Ellington also played tennis in high school and was involved in student council. Her biggest influence to become a teacher and leading her to where she is now was her mother, who was her senior English teacher. Also, her freshman English teacher, Mr. Holt helped her decision in becoming a teacher as well. Without these influences, Mrs. Ellington may not have made the decision to become a teacher here at Bath High School!

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