Bath Band Spectacular

Photo courtesy of Ethan Daniels

On Saturday September 16th, Bath High School held a Bath Band Spectacular. Each year the Bath Band hosts fifteen area bands at the football stadium. Each of these bands are selected by the Bath Band directors, who are Mrs. Hannah Snyder and Mr. Steven Hanhold. The first thing that occurs at the Spectacular is a parade of bands that goes by group size. That is also the order of when each band performs, going smallest to largest. The show started off with one of the smallest bands, Jackson Center, and finished with the largest band, our own tradition of excellence! Bath played three songs, Twenty-Five or Six to Four, A Combination of Let It Be and Hey Jude, and Come Out and Play. The Spectacular started at 8pm and lasted to about 11pm. There was another Spectacular Saturday September 23rd, at Allen East, which was the last Spectacular this year for the Bath Band. Make sure to come out next year and cheer on the Bath Band at their Spectacular!

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