Bath Track

photo courtesy of 8to18

The Bath High School track and field team just had a meet this past Friday, which unfortunately could not be finished due to inclement weather, but there were still some very good outcomes. Kelsey Wallace came in 4th place, and Caitlyn Renner came in 6th place both in the 100-meter dash.  Logan Wheeler came in 12th place in the 100-meter dash, and Katie Fisher came in 7th place in the 1600 meter run. Vincent Abrams came in 3rd in the 1600 meter run. Drew Spragg, Jackson Chiem, Zac States, and Vincent Abrams came in 1st place in the 4 by 800-meter relay. While these are the people who did place in the meet, there were many other involved. This past Saturday, Chipotle arranged a fundraiser with the Bath track team, and together they raised a total of $344! If you are able to, be sure to go to one of the meets and support our track team!

About Rachel Reichelderfer

My name is Rachel Reichelderfer. I am a senior here at BHS. I am a cheerleader and a swimmer! Go Wildcats!