Who’s Who at BHS: Gavin Sneary

photo courtesy of Facebook

Gavin Sneary is a freshman here at the lovely Bath High School. Gavin was welcomed into the world by his parents, Ann and Eric Sneary, on March 10, 2002. Gavin has four siblings named Owen, Paisley, Stella and Clayton. Owen is in third grade and Clayton is in sixth. They have thirty-two cows, nineteen chickens, seventeen cats, and one dog. Gavin is a member of the Basketball and Soccer team. In his free time, Gavin enjoys practicing sports, playing games, being on his farm, and hanging out with friends. His best friends are Steven Shook, Logan Ralston, and Logan Davis. His favorite color is blue and his favorite food is chicken alfredo. When Gavin graduates high school, he would like to play basketball in Florida. When he graduates college, Gavin would like to become a computer scientist. If you ever see Gavin in the halls make sure to wave or say “Hi.”