Slang Words Become Official

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In order for a word to be considered an official word by reputable dictionaries, it is a long and surprisingly intensive process. Lexicographers, people who study words, conducts various types of research in order to determine whether a word should be included in the latest edition of a dictionary. Researchers routinely place various types of text through a word finder in order to find new words or words that are used in a new way. “Many people who have that opinion believe that English stopped changing right before they were born, and that is simply not how the language works. It’s continually evolving,” says Solomon, a lexicographer. The list of new words and words with new defintions released by Merriam-Webster includes over three-hundred words. This list consists mostly of the slang words, used primarily by teenagers and young people. A few of the words include slay, struggle bus, dab, and friendiversary. Adding each word takes a lot of effort and thought, each and every word must receive the same amount of respect and attention with coming up with the correct meaning of the word.

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