Who’s Who at BHS: Anesa Miller

photo courtesy of Anesa's personal Facebook

Anesa Miller is a freshman here at Bath High School. Anesa was brought into the world on September 16, 2002 by her parents, Geoff and Kat Miller. Kat is currently an employee of St. Rita’s Medical Center. Geoff and Kat also both work as musicians. Kat plays acoustic and electric guitar and sings. Geoff plays electric guitar and also sings. Anesa has three siblings: Alex, Autumn, and Alyssa. All three of her siblings are younger. Anesa also has many family members in Navada. Anesa has two dogs named Roxie and Layla, and she has a cat named Mavis.  In her free time, Anesa likes to read. Her favorite color is blue, and her favorite food is chocolate ice cream. When Anesa graduates high school, she would like to become a nurse. She would like to attend Ohio State University. After college, she would like to move to California. If you ever see Anesa in the halls, make sure to wave or say “hi.”