Who’s Who At BHS: Joshua Carman

photo courtesy of Josh's mother's personal Facebook

Joshua Carman is a sophomore here at Bath High School. Josh was born on April 27th of 2001 to his loving parents Mike and Lisa Carman. Josh also has three¬†siblings named Lauren, Michael, and Cady. Lauren and Michael are both Bath graduates and Cady will be graduating this year. Some of Josh’s favorite hobbies are playing basketball and playing video games. Normally, Josh is busy with practicing basketball and eating, so when he has free time he likes to hang out with his friends. His favorite color is dark blue and his favorite class here at good ole BHS this year is computer literacy with the fantastic Mr. Gomez. Josh currently does not have a job because, unfortunately, he is still too young. At school and outside of school, Josh likes to hang out with his best friends Cole Parlapiano, Will Sakemiller, and Nolan Arnold. If you see Josh in the hallway, make sure to say hello!

About Rachel Reichelderfer

My name is Rachel Reichelderfer. I am a senior here at BHS. I am a cheerleader and a swimmer! Go Wildcats!