Who’s Who at BHS: Alex Davis

photo courtesy of Alex's personal Instagram

Alex Davis is a freshman here at Bath High School. Alex was born on February 3, 2002 in Haiti. Her parents are Jim and Kristi Davis. Alex has one sibling named Jared Davis. She has three dogs named Charlie, Chandler, and Harley. She has eight cats named Sadie, Steve, Socks, Mama, Whiskers, Honey, Lilly, and Haus. In her free time, she dances, tumbles, cheers, sings, and cooks. Her best friends are Lindsey Conrad, Eden Adkins, Ainsley Miller, Keaton Manley, Mallory Clark, and Kolleena Shafer. She is part of the interact club here at Bath and is a dancer for Dancers By Gina. Alex’s dance team will be dancing at the halftime show for the Cleveland Cavaliers on April 15th. This summer she will be going to the Bahamas and Georgia for family vacation. Alex’s favorite color is pink and when she gets older she would like to have a BMW I8 Barbie. If you see Alex in halls make sure to say hey!