Bluetooth Padlock

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This week’s featured tech gadget is the Bluetooth Padlock by Quicklock. This is the world’s first Bluetooth + RFiD Padlock. This device is perfect for people that forget their lock combinations often, because the Bluetooth lock can be opened with a smartphone, a fob, or a key code. Some of the cool features with this first padlock is the durable die cast zinc alloy. This device can also hold up to 50 wireless RFiD keys for quick access and additional tags can also be purchased. The battery life will last around two years on a single charge and can be charged by a Micro USB cable at home or on the road. The padlock is also durable and can be used in any weather. The padlock comes in the standard black color and also some other more vibrant hues. This item can be found online for around $60-70 dollars or in stores for around the same price.

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