Influenza Outbreak

photo courtesy of All News Pipeline

The United States is currently undergoing an outbreak of the influenza virus. Forty states, including Ohio, have reported that they are experiencing an outbreak of this virus. Public health officials are encouraging all people eligible for the flu vaccine to receive this preventative measure. While everyone is encouraged to receive the vaccine, it is especially important for people who are around elderly people or children to get the vaccine. The flu vaccine is not 100% effective, but it is proven to reduce one’s chance to contract the flu and to reduce symptoms when it is still contracted. As most are familiar with, the flu typically presents with fever, cough, and stuffy nose. Influenza is an infection of the respiratory system. It is not usually fatal unless the person with the illness has a depressed immune system orĀ concurrent infection. Hospitals and urgent care centers in the Lima area are placing restrictions on all patients that are presenting with influenza symptoms. People presenting with flu-like symptoms are not permitted to visit people in the hospital. The flu may be treated with antiviral drugs, but most people will get better on their own. The best prevention for the flu is hand-washing and staying away from people known to be infected. Best of luck staying healthy this flu season.