A Dog’s Purpose

photo courtesy of www.imdb.com

A hot new movie, A Dog’s Purpose, has hit theaters everywhere this month. The movie follows a dog’s perspective from birth until death. Bailey, the dog, is reborn into four different dogs. The movie tells the story of each time he was reborn, including his final lifetime where he is reunited with his original owner. The movie spans over five decades of Bailey’s different lives, being set from the 1950s until the 2000s. Bailey’s original owners are a boy named Ethan and his mother. Ethan’s father is an alcoholic, who pushes his mother to the ground, prompting Ethan to force his father to leave. Later, a classmate throws in a lit firework into Ethan’s home, causing a fire that causes Ethan to break his leg, ruining his hopes of playing sports in college and ruining his relationship with his girlfriend. After several lifetimes, Bailey finds Ethan again, who is very depressed as a result of the events of his childhood. If you want to know what else happens, be sure to catch this film in the theaters.

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