Trump Fires Adviser’s Son

photo courtesy of ABC News

On Tuesday, President-elect Donald Trump fired Michael a G. Flynn, the son of his choice for his national security adviser. Trump cited that his reason for firing Flynn was that he was spreading false rumors on social media. The rumors in question involve Hillary Clinton. Flynn and his father have been known to spread false stories about Clinton before, as they were very active on Twitter during the campaign, as well. Flynn posted rumors about an armed face-off in a pizza shop that he claims ties Hillary Clinton to illegal activity. However, there has been absolutely no proof that Clinton was tied to the incident at all. Clinton is said to have been shocked that her campaign rival Donald Trump supported her in this instance, and he claims only to have done so because the rumors were false. Trump’s Vice-President-elect Mike Pence denied that Flynn was ever a part of Trump’s transition team, even though he had an email address that tied him to the position. Either way, Trump has now stopped associating with both Flynn and Hillary Clinton and is getting back to his presidential duties of picking cabinet members.