Allegations of Russian Interference in the Presidential Election

photo courtesy of CNN Money

The CIA has recently announced the results of an investigation into the role of Russia cyberattacks into the results of the presidential election. The CIA has found that Russia did hack into the computer systems of both the Republican National Convention and the Democratic National Convention, releasing documents that may have hurt Hillary Clinton’s candidacy, potentially even swaying the election enough to cause Donald Trump to win. Donald Trump has stated vehemently that the accusations that the Russian government was trying to get him elected is completely false. Despite Trump’s protests, there have been allegations that Trump may have even paid Russia officials to initiate the hacking, but these reports are unsubstantiated. Representatives from both parties have stated that a bipartisan effort must be made in order to investigation the influence of the Russia government in the presidential election. However, no official investigation has been launched by Congress yet. Hillary Clinton has no released a statement on the possibility of Russian interference in the election.