Physics Bowling Field Trip

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On December 14th, the physics students here at Bath High School took the annual bowling field trip to Westgate Bowling Alley on North Cable Road. They were accompanied by Mr. Cairns, their instructor. The students left at the beginning of second period and returned shortly before lunch at noon. The students were asked to calculate the kinetic energy of the bowling ball, using the mass of the bowling ball and the velocity at which they threw it. In addition to the physics, the students enjoyed two games of bowling, pizza, birthday cake and ice cream. The birthday cake was for a celebration of Emily Miller and Ava Christy’s birthdays. While recording for the Paw Print Newscast, Kennedy Metcalf, Keaton Manley, and I caught some amazing footage of us making a strike with a three person train. Be sure to tune into the Newscast to see this! The field trip was a huge success and is definitely an advantage by taking physics here at BHS.