Millions of Phones Hacked

photo courtesy of Mirror

Around 1.3 million Android phones and Google accounts have been infected with viruses by hackers. Google account information includes the person’s emails, photos, documents, location, and more. The hackers have been stealing digital tokens, which are something that give access to Google services, but not using them. On Wednesday, Google confirmed the extent and nature of the problems going on with their accounts and services. Infected phones install legitimate Android apps and rate them highly. This in turn bumps up the app’s rating and popularity. Google has removed all the apps that have benefited from the viruses. Google has already blocked 150,000 versions of this cyber attack, but 13,000 new phones are being breached every day. If you are curious as to whether your device has been attacked, you can go to and enter your google username and password. To prevent your device from being infected with viruses, only download certified applications from the Google stores and do not allow unknown services access to your phone.

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