Apple AirPods Finally Released

photo courtesy of Redmond Pie

Apple AirPod headphones are finally going to available to the public after an unusually long wait. The AirPods were originally supposed to be released with the iPhone 7 and 7plus. They were then pushed back to be available for delivery on December 21, but now they are not available until after Christmas. The AirPods are only $159, so they are not too out of reach for most people. Since the new iPhone has no headphone jack, the AirPods are wireless. They have built-in microphones that are perfect for phone calls and Siri interaction. These headphones also have sensors that are able to detect when one of the AirPods is taken out of your ear. Even though the AirPods provide many good features, there is a downside to buying them: they are very small and easy to lose. Luckily for consumers, many companies are capitalizing on this flaw and selling wires to help customers from losing their new AirPods.

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