Will Social Security Come to an End?

photo courtesy of www.playbuzz.com

Many American seniors are worried about whether or not our nation will continue to provide Social Security. Many people are predicting that Social Security will completely end very soon and people are trying to decide how to cope with this possible sudden change. The reason for this change is because of a longer life expectancy, which leads to a larger aging population that is dependent on Social Security for longer. Because of this, there are fewer funds going into Social Security than there are funds going out, which is depleting the amount of money available for seniors for Social Security. Experts are saying that Social Security could end as soon as 2017. The problems of this sudden change may be greater than the government is currently willing to admit. Discontinuing Social Security may cause a major economic change, just as the stock market crash of ’99 and ’07 and the economic downfall of Japan and the Soviet Union.