Science Olympiad

photo courtesy of Altamont Elementary School - Lammersville Unified School District

The first meeting for Science Olympiad  will be in Mr. Cairns room on October 26th at 3:15 PM.  Science Olympiad is for anyone who loves science and is interested in competing in science competitions.  The topics covered in Science Olympiad are extensive, including biology, chemistry, physics, and engineering.  Mr. C. welcomes anyone who enjoys science as much as he does.  Science Olympiad is a great way to get involved in school clubs and meet new friends.  Schools from all 50 states compete in the national competition.  Middle school students can also participate in Science Olympiad, so even more people can get involved.  Science Olympiad is a great way to further your science skills. According to former members, Science Olympiad is tons of fun.  You don’t have to have Mr. C as a teacher to join. He welcomes all scientists. In addition to being a fun activity, Science Olympiad looks great on a resume, particularly for those students considering pursuing a career in science after high school. If you are interested, be sure to make the meeting on the 26th!