Luxuries of Driving

photo courtesy of Depositphotos

As many of the underclassman are exciting about getting their license, they should keep in mind the responsibilities and expectations before they can get a license.  A person must be at least 15 years and 6 months of age to take a temporary permit test in Ohio. This is a computerized test can be taken at the BMW in downtown Lima.  The prospective driver must score a 76% or above in order to get his or her learner’s permit. Assuming he or she passes the test, there is a $22 fee to receive his or her ID for driving. A legal guardian 21 years of age or older must be with the driver to obtain this permit. The student is then responsible for taking driver’s education. Most Bath students chose two local driving schools, Debbie’s Driving Academy or Elida High School’s driver’s education classes.  Debbie’s Driving Academy is located on Slabtown Road.  Debbie’s has been teaching driver’s ed to students for nearly thirteen years now and costs only $350. Elida High School’s driver’s ed classes are taught by Mr. Boyer.  Mr. Boyer offers this class to anyone 15 and 5 months of age for only $270.  At driver’s ed, the student will learn important information about driver throughout both book work and driving time with an instructor. After passing driver’s ed and turning 16 years old, the prospective driver must then take the driving test at the BMW, which consists of a driving test and a maneuverability test. Upon successfully passing this test, the driver is then officially awarded his or her license to drive.