photo courtesy of Massimo Group

Last week on Thursday, October 6th, officer Damien Tibbs, our district resource officer, spoke at our OLWEUS assembly. This assembly encouraged students to make good decisions while on social media and to report bullying whenever it is seen. Our school is currently holding a contest encouraging to use their social media presence for positive purposes. Students are encouraged to post about the positive actions that they witness either themselves or other Bath students taking part in. Each grade was given a specific hashtag to post under. If you are a freshman, you would use #limabathstandup9. Sophomores would use #limabathstandup10 and so on. This contest is a great way to show the community and your peers the many great things you are up to. Officer Tibbs said “There is no such thing as a small act of kindness or encouragement.” Some examples of things to share are either you or someone you know doing something positive or kind, displaying team spirit, supporting classmates at a school function, recognizing a class mate for a job well done, helping a sibling or family member, doing something nice for a neighbor, volunteering, or helping the homeless. The top five winners from each class will win a pizza party. The contest ends October 20th.

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