Dinosaur Footprint Discovery

photo courtesy of www.theguardian.com

In August, a Mongolian paleontologist revealed an exciting discovery.  He found a dinosaur footprint in the Gobi Desert.  After studying the massive footprint, scientists have come to the conclusion that the footprint is possibly the largest ever.  The detailed footprint would be measured as a size 104 by United States shoes standards.  Paleontologists have estimated the dinosaur that formed this huge footprint to be two to three dozen yards in length. The massive footprint is not the only discovery in the Mongolian Gobi Desert.  For the past thirteen years, there have been over 20,000 footprints found from numerous dinosaur species. The researches have come to the conclusion that the footprint is about 70 to 90 million years old, which was during the Upper Cretaceous period.  The group of scientists think that the track belongs to a titanosaur, a four-legged herbivore.  The Mongolian Desert is famous for many dinosaur footprints and hopefully there is much more to uncover.

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