Deadly Heart Surgery Infection in the US

photo courtesy of Fox News

Due to defective medical devices being used in surgeries, any patients who have received open heart surgeries since 2012 are at increased risk of a life-threatening infection. The device associated with the infections are heater-cooler devices that are used in roughly 60% of all open-heart surgeries. Approximately 600,000 patients may have suffered infections due to this medical device.  Those who have received implants or prosthetic product implants are at higher risk than others who have had operation. NMT or nontuburculosis mycobacterium, the infection caused by the faulty implants, has been found in twenty-eight patients here in the US and has caused at least twelve patient deaths. Although the infection is very serious, the risk of being infected is very low. It will likely only affect .1% to 1% of all patients that received an open-heart surgery.  The infection causes night sweats, muscle aches, joint pain, weight loss, fatigue and unexplained fever. The infection caused by NMT is not contagious between people. LivaNova, the manufacturer of the defective devices, is currently the defendant in a class-action suit filed by the patients affected by the devices.