Who’s Who at BHS: Katie Mulholland

photo courtesy of Katie's personal Facebook

Katie is the daughter of Tara and Steve Mulholland. She has two siblings named Steven and Jacob and was born on February 3rd, 2000. In her free time, she loves to read and dance. Katie aspires to go to college and become a teacher one day. Katie’s favorite music is from her generation.  Katie has been at Bath her whole life and her favorite thing about Bath is all the friendships that she has made along the way, especially her best friend Kami Tomlinson. She loves playing tennis and enjoys going to the art room to practice drawing and sketching out some of her best ideas. Katie’s favorite season is fall because it’s colder outside and she loves to see all of the different colors. Halloween is her favorite holiday and she loves to receive free snickers and skittles.  If you see Katie in the halls make sure you give her a big hello!