Apple Releases the iPhone 7

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Apple has officially announced the release date for new iPhone 7. The next generation of the smartphone will be available for order September 9th. The new iPhone will include a variety of new features. The processor is planned to be twice as fast as the last incarnation of the phone, and the battery should last longer than any other generation of the iPhone. The cameras on the phone has been redesigned as well. The phone will include two cameras on the back of the phone in order to capture wide angle video and to improve the zoom capabilities of the phone. In addition to improving the camera, the display has been made to be brighter with a higher resolution. Despite the many improvements, Apple has made the controversial decision to remove the AUX jack from the latest generation of the iPhone. The AUX jack is the standard plug used for virtually all headphones and earbuds. To replace function of headphones that use an AUX jack, Apple has released a line of earbuds that plug into the lightening connector that is also used to charge the phone. Users also have the option of using Bluetooth enabled listening devices. Apple has also improve the built-in speaker of the phone. If you are interested in purchasing this phone, the standard iPhone 7 is $649, while the iPhone 7 Plus is $769.