Presidential Race

Chart of delegate counts for presidential candidates in both parties. Tribune News Service 2016

The Presidential race is heating up with the republicans and the democrats. On the republican side former US Secretary of State Hilary Clinton from New York and US Senator Bernie Sanders from Vermont. From the democratic side US Senator Ted Cruz from Texas, Governor John Kasich from Ohio, and businessman Donald Trump from New York. The race is a close one. Its a close race with each of them trying to earn their delegates. After the first three primary contests, a tight race between Hilary Clinton and Bernie Sanders looked to be breaking in Clinton’s favor. Clinton narrowly won. The democratic party has 52 delegates and the republics have 27 delegates in the Iowa caucuses. In the New Hampshire primary the democratic had 32 delegates and the republicans had 23 delegates. Donald Trump is first in poll numbers followed by Ted Cruz and John Kasich. On the democrat’s side was Hilary in the lead with Bernie following behind her.

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