Zootopia Tops Box Office For Second Week

"Zootopia." (Disney)

As of now, the latest Disney movie Zootopia crossed a major mark in the theaters all over China. Zootopia hit the “one hundred million dollar mark after ten days in theaters and gunning for the all-time  record for an animated movie in the mainland,” said Los Angeles Times. This movie, which is about a city that serves as a home for many different animals has racked up about $88 million in the week after its release and around $112.6 million since its release date of March 4th.  Zootopia is the third-highest grossing animated film ever in China, as it stands strong behind Kung Fu Panda 3 and Monkey King: Hero Is Back. Because of the ridiculous craze over the new film, many allegations have been made about the box office and the distributors of IP Man 3 manipulating the receipts. These may have been inflated by fake screenings and other maneuvers. But the movie is currently a hit with many children and even some adults!