UPDATE: Chipotle Employees Feeling Sick

A closed Chipotle restaurant in Portland, Ore., on Oct. 31, 2015. Chipotle's reputation took a hit in recent months when E. coli infected 52 customers in nine states, followed by a norovirus outbreak that sickened 140 people at a Boston restaurant. (Alex Milan Tracy/Sipa USA/TNS)

Many people are familiar with how Chipotle is still trying to repair its bad reputation after almost fifty people got E.Coli from the food served at the chain. The last update was that Chipotle had everything taken care of, but do they really? Another Chipotle outlet in Massachusetts has been temporarily shut down due to employees feeling sick. This restaurant located outside of Boston was closed for a full cleaning, company spokesman Chris Arnold said by email according to CNBC. “No customer illnesses are connected to this restaurant. Any employee who reported feeling ill will be held out of the restaurant until they fully recover,” Arnold added”. Will Chipotle ever be able to recover from this incident?

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