College Student Prints His Own Braces

The Glowforge 3D printer starts at $1,995 for a basic model, and up to $3,995 for the more advanced machine. (Steve Ringman/Seattle Times/TNS)

Amos Dudley, a college student at New jersey Institute of Technology, made his own braces for less that $60 with some brains and his school’s brand new 3D printer. Dudley¬†was very worried about how people looked at him because of his imperfect smile. Dudley’s teeth were actually pretty decent before applying his own remedy, as he had braces in junior high. Dudley told CNN that he didn’t wear his retainer as much as he should have after his braces were removed and his front teeth moved out of place. Dudley used his college’s equipment to 3D print his teeth before making twelve non-toxic plastic retainer-like forms for a set of 12 clear braces. Dudley says he has been approached before about turning his invention into a business. Instead of having to pay for expensive, conspicuous braces, people could get a clear set that isn’t as noticeable. Maybe in the future, everyone will have clear braces like these.