UPDATE: Chipotle E.coli Outbreak Ends

A closed Chipotle restaurant in Portland, Ore., on Oct. 31, 2015. Chipotle's reputation took a hit in recent months when E. coli infected 52 customers in nine states, followed by a norovirus outbreak that sickened 140 people at a Boston restaurant. (Alex Milan Tracy/Sipa USA/TNS)

You may have been disgusted to hear about about the outbreak of E.coli and salmonella at Chipotle, but according to Fox News the outbreak is over with. The most recent report to the CDC of the E.coli illness was December 1st. When Chipotle restaurants shut down and the CDC tested for these illnesses, the presence of the bacteria wasn’t there. Chipotle said last month it was confident that the steps it had undertaken to tighten food safety would stop future food poisoning outbreaks. Due to the outbreaks, Chipotle’s stock has fallen nearly 30 percent since the end of October when the first case of E.coli was reported. The percentage of people eating at Chipotle will most likely go back up after hearing the bacteria is gone. Happy eating everyone!

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