Thirteen Bald Eagles Found Dead in Maryland

A pair of adult bald eagles screech at a biologist preparing to enter their nest on May 7, 2015 near Milford Reservoir, Kan. Biologists from the US Corps of Engineers were making an annual survey of bald eagles and chicks in the northeast Kansas. (Bo Rader/Wichita Eagle/TNS)

Thirteen of the US’s national bird, the bald eagle, were found dead on a Maryland farm on Saturday. Since the birds showed no visible trauma, authorities are lead to believe that the birds were poisoned. Likely sources of the poison are new chemicals used to treat the farm fields or rodents that consumed poison before being eaten by the eagles. It is also possible that someone poisoned the birds on purpose, which is illegal in the US. This is the largest number of dead bald eagles found in the state of Maryland in thirty years. Three of the thirteen birds were considered fully mature, two were not fully matured, and the rest were considered immature birds. There are around half a dozen investigators on the case and the Maryland Natural Resources Police are offering a reward for anyone presenting useful information regarding what happened to the eagles.

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