Giving Up Sugar for Lent May Affect Your Brain


The Christian season of Lent began on Wednesday, February 10th. People that are Catholic, Lutheran, or Methodist often give up something for Lent to more deeply appreciate the many blessings in their lives. One of the most popular things to give up for the forty days of Lent is sugar. To a certain extent, sugar is a natural part of the human diet, present in fruits humans have been eating for thousands of years. Sugar is everywhere, so abundant that many people become dependent on it without even realizing it. In some extreme cases, people’s bodies may even go through symptoms that resemble withdrawal in the early days after giving up sugar. After being deprived of sugar for over a month, most people’s brains think that it’s too sweet when they eat it again for the first time. It usually takes awhile for people’s taste buds and brains to become accustomed to sugar again.

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